How to solve problems

How to solve problems

A person comes across different problems almost every day, some are minor and some major. The time a person takes to solve problems depends upon the type of it. A problem is simply the difference between what one has and what one wants. It may be a matter of avoiding Read More

think and grow rich

Think And Grow Rich Summary

Napoleon Hill ( author of- ‘Think and Grow Rich’) was a journalist and a writer who fortunately got a chance to interview the richest person of that time, Andrew Carnegie. The interview was going well. Suddenly Carnegie put across a very serious deal in front of Napoleon. Carnegie said that Read More

how to become a genius

How To Become A Genius!

Hello readers, you all must have heard about the Leonardo da Vinci. But still why he is so famous even today? Most of the Asians must not be aware of it.   Hence at first, we want to tell you all, why Leonardo is considered as one of the greatest Read More